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2 Humbuckers/5-Way Rotary Switch/1 Volume/1 Tone/01

Photo 1 This month let's explore the glory of installing a 5-way rotary switch in a dual-humbucker guitar. PRS popularized 5-way rotary switching on such models as the Custom 22 and Custom 24, and it provides very useable pickup combinations you can't get with a standard 5-way blade switch.

3 Pickup Guitar. Switching for Neck / Middle / Bridge The switch you want to use for this circuit is a DPDT on/on/on switch. Go to this page, scroll down to DPDT Switch, and look at Diagram D (a totally different type of switch than the one used in the previous diagram). The wires shown from the neck pickup, middle pickup, etc are the "hot" wires.

I only found one guitar that uses a 6- way rotary switch and it's the Framus AK 1974 guitar. It looks like the 6- way rotary switch is a rare one. Does anyone knows who sells these switches? thnx! but I haven't found a wiring diagram for that yet, and I'm "schematically-challenged." (I've

Would someone be willing to take a look at the attached wiring diagram and see if I've planned this correctly? As I understand it, the 5 position rotary has two poles on each of its two "layers." Since a regular strat switch only has two poles, I only need to use one of the two layers of the switch, right?

4 way rotary switches Discussion in 'Pickups Does anyone know how to wire this up? I'm guessing I need a 3P4T rotary switch, rather than a 2 pole one? Looks like it's the same as this one: - 4-Way Rotary Guitar Pickup Selector Switch So it might just be OK, going by

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