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Trunk Mount Battery Kill Switch Diagram For A Bodies

Technically, the alternator will still charge the battery when the switch is turned off but turning the switch off will kill power to everything else which will shut the engine down. I ran into a problem on my own race car that had two main kill switches (one in cockpit, one on exterior).

Help wiring a battery cut-off switch for racing. You can get a switch that also cuts off the alternator wire from anything else. There is a third smaller terminal on the battery switch. When either the rear switch or the drivers kill switch the power is broken to the ign/car etc and the

I have my kill switch wired up as shown in the diagram as in the previous post. I started the car and threw the kill switch to the off position and it still ran. The green/red alternator wire is now switched between the two smaller terminals on the kill switch. I have a 3g alternator upgrade. My yellow/white wire goes to the starter solenoid.

Combination Battery and Alternator Kill Switch is designed to completely shut down the battery and charging system in an emergency situation. Ideal for racing, vehicle storage, marine and RV applications Prevents battery drain, theft, and reduces the risk of electrical fire PushOff for emergency shut-down and color-coded to indicate operating position- ON or OFF, with a durable spring-loaded

I dont have a wiring diagram. Can i just run a wire from the alternator strait to teh battery, before the switch. Then the original alternator wire, connect with the other positive for the rest of the car? That way when the switch is turned off, it stops power to the rest of the car, but it can still charge the battery when it is on?

The power cables will be run to your New Wire Marine custom marine switch panel and your tinned marine negative bus bar. Most of our switch panels include waterproof resettable circuit breakers with all the connections pre-made to make them work, that's how it is shown here.